Sonic Pi & Sam Aaron

When we filmed Binary Festival earlier in the year we we’re lucky enough to catch some of the keynote speeches and, nerds that we are, Sam Aaron’s talk on teaching code through live music was always going to be a stand out.

Sam’s a programmer and he created Sonic Pi to teach children (and anyone else) how to code. He figured that by being more creative, more interesting, and more fun that typical coding tutorials kids would want to continue learning rather than dreading the next lesson.

Sonic Pi 3

Sonic Pi’s other selling point is that it sounds cool as hell! As well as teaching kids to code and giving talks, he also plays live sets using Sonic Pi. The result is a kind of Carpenter/Daft Punk mashup that you can watch being written as it plays. The Binary after-party was cool, yes.

Sonic Pi After Party

With a bit of luck Sam’s whole keynote should be online soon – we’ve got an edit finished but we’re waiting for the nod from the approval gods before we know if we’re actually allowed to put it up. We’ll tweet when it is though. In the meantime, you can check out Sam’s live streams which are a)ace, and b) updated weekly!