Liverpool Girl Geek -Tech4Teens

One of the coolest projects we’re working on this year is with Liverpool Girl Geeks. They’re running the Tech4Teens programme all year, workshops and training in all kinds of technological and scientific fields for girls between 11 and 17 FOR FREE!

The February event was at the Liverpool University Engineering School and had the girls trying to replicate Felix Baumgartner’s edge of space skydive – or a least the engineering feat that got his balloon up there. Using some expensive looking balloons and full on, 100% helium, they had to work out how to get their 3D printed capsule to hover exactly. That’s the theory, anyway.

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While the level of success was varied there was so much excitement and joy in the room it was completely infectious. The girls were mentored by the staff of the university along with some women who are currently second year engineering students.

Over the next 9 months we’ll be filming some of the Tech4Teens events and putting up little social edits. Once they’re all done we’ll be working with Jo, Rebecca and Chelsea from LGG to make an evaluation edit for the project to show to funders.

You can see the first video right here and if you want to sign up for any upcoming Tech4Teens events here you go!It’s was an absolute pleasure to film and a great little edit to put together – we can’t wait to film the next one.