House of Minalima

I was lucky enough to get some preview tickets for Lovely Fiancée and myself to go and see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  While we were down in London we took an hour to go and check out the House of Minalima.


Minalima is the collective name of the two artists behind the book, poster, and newspaper design for the Harry Potter films. They’ve have taken over a townhouse and set up a gorgeous display of their work for the franchise and some of their other pieces.

Harry 3

The three floors are covered in prints (available to buy) showcasing the artwork from the films, but they’ve also created some wonderful sets that show off the props they created; books, bottles, newspapers, exercise books, and more. The house and the display give a beautiful texture to the instantly recognisable artwork.

Harry 4

Their non-HP work is also beautiful. Their Compendium of Collective Nouns book which has some stunning images for animal collective nouns was a particular favourite.

The house itself is located about a minute’s walk away from the Palace Theatre on Greek Street, so if you happen to be heading to the play you should definitely stop in.

Harry 1

As for the play itself? In short, if you’re a Potter fan, go and see it as soon as you can!